September 7


Whilst we were walking along the hillside we came across these HUGE footprints! You can see how large they are compared to my trainer and I have big feet! So we kept on walking till we came to this old derelict house it looked abandoned it had spider webs all over the place. i opened the door you could hear noises coming from the inside i saw this giant sitting in his chair he was eating a whole horse and a machete for a knife.

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August 31


I was having my dinner at home when suddenly it when dark. There is probably a problem with the electricity in our house tonight I was scared to death since I was scared of the dark. It was 12:01 in the morning. My parents where fast asleep. What should I do now there was nothing I could do? Therefore, I got my phone, watched YouTube until 7:00, and got some breakfast and my parents woke up slowly. When mum came into the room she asked what are you doing on your phone now so I told her the whole story.

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August 28


Today was walking day today, we where in the mountains walking for three hours now it was a long boring hike across the large mountains. Our aim was to get to the highest mountain by tonight. We made a little fire so we can cook our lovely little chicken wings, and some cake. We kept on walking till we saw the huge mountain in front of us. As it came rushing towards us we got swept as down the hill it grew bigger and bigger. When i woke up i was in my bed.

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August 15

5 Facts Of Fiction (Charles)

  1. Charles is the main character, who is in fact Laurie. The only facts we know is that Charles is bigger than Laurie is. He does not have any rubbers and does not wear a jacket ever.

Character: Charles is doing bad things at school for example; Charles bounced a seesaw on the head of the little girl and made her bleed. He also kept ponding he is feet on the floor.


  1. Laurie / Charles just have some trouble adjusting in the new class at school that is why they get so angry easily. Charles is overwhelmed of all the new impressions therefore he shows a bit of an aggressive behavior. However, what he really wants is getting some attention and some success at school, in a positive way. Charles would like to get on top of his responsibilities at school.


  1. Laurie is successful; it is a very clever way of Laurie to invent Charles. At home, she can process his behavior without getting disturbed. It is a successful why. Laurie and Charles change a lot throughout the story, Laurie and Charles change from good to bad.


  1. Laurie changed in a positive way. At the begging, Laurie and Charles are very aggressive and frustrated; he does all the bad things in class. At the end Laurie and Charles are a helper in the classroom, for example he gave the crayons around and picked up the books.

There was a positive transformation witch happed to them.


  1. This is a whole world where the setting is very familiar to me. It is set at home where talks about the school day are taking place. I am exactly at this stage. I go to school where good thing, bad things happen every day you might not notice them. Then I tell at home sometimes . . .

This story showed that changes are possible, if only you try hard to change it.





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August 10


We where walking through the museum and found a scarlet painting of a dog being watered in the bath. We walked for a few meters and found a copy of the queens cushion. We went to the music section of the museum there where two boys collecting money. When we finally passed the, we said good bey ruffians. They got angry at me so we had to run, we came sprinting out of the museum.

We ran for five minutes quickly pushed the door open and ran upstairs and looked the toilet door.

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August 6


I was at the zoo with my parents there was a huge line. There you could take pictures with your favorite animal I took a picture with an elephant it was so scary it was 10x bigger than me. We had a little walk around we also went two shows. One with a huge tiger and one with a rhino. But then the flash from the cameras, there where twenty or more cameras I could only see wight for the rest of the day.

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August 6


1.       Themes in this story are loss and frustration. Alexia loses her hearing from one day to the other. Music was her favorite thing. She loved music so much then she lost the ability to listen to music suddenly.

2.       The author wants to say that we should be open to other people without prejudice. The example for this is when the boy in the truck starts to communicate with Alexia in a different way drawing on the window.

3.       In the story the important message for the people who can hear is that we should be open to people that have disabilities. People who have disabilities are just like you and I. the boy in the truck communicated very naturally in an alternative due to the circumstances to Alexia

4.       The figurative meaning is that we should appreciate our health, beware that it could change quickly it could happen in that next day or two or next week even. Another figurative meaning is when the boy in the truck is set in a situation with a girl who has hearing loss.

5.       We are adjustable situation to situation and can make the best of it. Alexia’s repeating pattern is that she tries to communicate with the boy in the bright red truck over and over again, she communicates with the mum using a whiteboard she also communicates with the boy in the bright red truck by drawing on the steamed windows.

6.       It is possible to live a good life after a loss. It needs a will to do so and to find a alternative way.

Alexia shows the way to use different communication styles such as trying to listen to music through vibrations.


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June 29

Project Reflection ( Greater Bilby)

This year we were told that we were doing a project on an animal that lived in the desert in Australia. I was doing the Greater Billy it was fun doing it because I liked the kangaroo and the Greater Billy is related a bit to the kangaroo. I think we worked well together.


  • The Greater Bilby does not need to drink water because it gets it out of food.
  • The Greater Bilby is part of the bandicoot
  • It has a pouch in between its legs to protect the baby.



  • A understand I have is that Bilbys live in different parts of Australia
  • I now know that a Bilby is not a bird


  • Why does the Greater Bilby not need to drink water I mean how can it survive in the desert witch you are meant to drink why more water than you usually do?

It was fun learning about the desert and working with our partners to complete our project. I especially enjoyed learning about the desert because I really did not really know much about the desert.

I learnt it is important to work together to it is much easier to do than doing everything by yourself.

We learnt it during class times over days.

I going to use these memories later in life to see how good I have worked in year 6.


I think me and my partner worked very well together. I think we could work together again. The project was interesting to do because I do not know many things about the desert. It was interesting to see how animal can survive in that extremely harsh environment.

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June 12

Btn, Drone dilemma


A few years ago the idea of a flying drone being sent to spy on someone from thousands of kilometers away would have been the stuff of science fiction.

Imagine you were being watched: Stalked by machines in the sky that could follow your every move.

I have the opportunity to go work, fly a mission no matter where it is.


Is it cool to fly a drone


How much are drones?

Are they hard to fly?

Why do  drones even exist when we already have helicopters really why?

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June 1


It was late at night when the storm started in the flash of lightning i saw this wired creature made out of stone but I was sacred. The next day I saw it was only a stone statue it looked so so so scary because the lightning was next to it that is why it looked so scary it was like it was glowing that was the only part that made me really scared like think about being scared of a stone statue like babies would be sacred of that its really embarrassing thinking about being scared of a stone statue

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