December 10

Book Recommendation

Name: Black snake

Author: Carole Wilkisthimgs on

This book was good but it could have more pictures. But the good thing was that the book had lots of facts.


Ned Kelly was a thief, bank robber and murderer. He was in trouble with the police from the age of 12. He stole things and he killed people. He stood up to authorities and fought for what he believed in. When Ned was sentenced for deaths lots of people came to watch him  and some people tried to rescue him.

I think this books genre is adventure and sic – fi and history.

The parts that had the most action were when Ned Kelly died and when he was in a fight. The author did this by using describing words.

The characters where believed i compared Ned Kelly to the army which do not give up.

Over all the book was good i would give this book 6 out of 10 stars. I would recommend this book to other people


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