December 10

Book Recommendation

Name: Black snake

Author: Carole Wilkisthimgs on

This book was good but it could have more pictures. But the good thing was that the book had lots of facts.


Ned Kelly was a thief, bank robber and murderer. He was in trouble with the police from the age of 12. He stole things and he killed people. He stood up to authorities and fought for what he believed in. When Ned was sentenced for deaths lots of people came to watch him  and some people tried to rescue him.

I think this books genre is adventure and sic – fi and history.

The parts that had the most action were when Ned Kelly died and when he was in a fight. The author did this by using describing words.

The characters where believed i compared Ned Kelly to the army which do not give up.

Over all the book was good i would give this book 6 out of 10 stars. I would recommend this book to other people


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December 10

100wc. Week 20

Charles was siting on his desk. He replayed to his 10,000 emails. Because he was the boss of crown hotels. He tried to send emails to his friend it did not work he tried 10 times. He got so so so angry that he pushed his Mac book pro rose gold of his table. Once the computer hit the ground he screamed really loud. After that he called taxi and said had to get a to the apple store at 10:52.

He raced into the apple store and got a Mac book pro gold TB storage and went back to his office, the end.

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November 26


As we walked to the Sandwich bar. I ordered my food and and walked to the tables to sit down. I turned on my phone and saw that it was on low battery. like seriously i charged my phone at 10:00 in the morning and now it is only 2:00 in the afternoon. Once my food came i ate it quickly and hurried home to charge my phone with the white apple cable. And i went onto Netflix on my phone and looked for a movie to watch i saw one called Energetic and i clicked on it.

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November 16


Joy at the puppy’s bark

Joy at the Ice cream cartoon being opened


Joy at the splash of jumping in water

Joy at the water dripping from the automatic car wash


Joy at the school bell ringing

Joy at the teacher saying the test is over


Joy at the lizard scratching the glass

Joy at the budgie whistling


Joy at the weekend

Joy at the garden gate being opened and the postman bringing you a post card

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October 29


As the door slammed, I knew there was someone in side the house I heard voices. They where getting louder and louder. I woke up in  a abounded house with people watching me. They asked me questions, like where i was at 10:00 on Monday night, i said i was watching YouTube. The people left the house and left be chained up in a house all alone. I some some pins in a box right next to me. I gave it a few tries to open the lock and finally it opened  and i ran away going to my grandparents house for safety.  

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October 12

My Holidays

On the holidays i went to Philipp island where we visited our friends. It was fun there because we played tennis lots of times with my friends and my dad. We also went to this place called Church hill island witch had horses on it and my sister loves horses. We also went to the Zoo for a whole day my favorite animal was the pelican and kangaroo. We had an ice cream at the Zoo and played on the play ground. The rest of the holidays where just watching YouTube and relaxing and sleeping.

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October 11


I am the brother who cares for his sisters

I am the dog lover who loves any type of dog

I am the brother who is brave and not scared

I am the one who likes knifes and likes to play with them

I am a student who likes to learn

I am the kid who comes from Switzerland

I am the friend who cares for my friends


I am Noah

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September 7


Whilst we were walking along the hillside we came across these HUGE footprints! You can see how large they are compared to my trainer and I have big feet! So we kept on walking till we came to this old derelict house it looked abandoned it had spider webs all over the place. i opened the door you could hear noises coming from the inside i saw this giant sitting in his chair he was eating a whole horse and a machete for a knife.

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August 31


I was having my dinner at home when suddenly it when dark. There is probably a problem with the electricity in our house tonight I was scared to death since I was scared of the dark. It was 12:01 in the morning. My parents where fast asleep. What should I do now there was nothing I could do? Therefore, I got my phone, watched YouTube until 7:00, and got some breakfast and my parents woke up slowly. When mum came into the room she asked what are you doing on your phone now so I told her the whole story.

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August 28


Today was walking day today, we where in the mountains walking for three hours now it was a long boring hike across the large mountains. Our aim was to get to the highest mountain by tonight. We made a little fire so we can cook our lovely little chicken wings, and some cake. We kept on walking till we saw the huge mountain in front of us. As it came rushing towards us we got swept as down the hill it grew bigger and bigger. When i woke up i was in my bed.

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